IBC Immersive Audio and Sound Imagery

MagicBeans are participants in the 2021 IBC Immersive Audio and Sound Imagery Accelerator - providing immersive audio production expertise and demonstrating the capabilities of our volumetric audio system Roundhead.

Experience it yourself

Click on the download button below to access the 6DOF (six-degrees-of-freedom) IBC demonstration.


Download available on PC.

Note: This demo is currently PC only. Please contact info@magicbeans.xyz to register your interest in receiving an upcoming Mac, iOS or Android update.

About the demo

Roundhead is a groundbreaking creation and distribution platform for 6DOF audio experiences.
Two immersive experiences are available in the main menu - a Tango performed by quartet (accompanied by 360 video - click/drag to scroll around the image), and an excerpt from an audio-play created by Audible.

In each demo a volumetric audio scene will play that gives you freedom to move your head and make spatial sense of the scene as you would in real life. You will need to use headphones and your webcam for this experience.

By tracking small movements of your head we are able to provide a highly realistic realtime audio simulation of reality - try initially closing your eyes to orientate yourself, since this will avoid any conflict between visual and auditory information.

Roundhead is built upon volumetric audio insights developed within the VASAR project (Volumetric Audio Synthesis for Augmented Reality - led by MagicBeans along with partners Warner Music and the Applied Psychoacoustic Laboratory at the University of Huddersfield) and incorporates cutting-edge realtime room acoustic synthesis from braud.io (Kings College London & The University of Surrey).

A short introduction to MagicBeans and our IBC Accelerator participation

About the 2021 IBC Immersive Audio and Sound Imagery Accelerator

This year’s IBC Immersive Audio and Sound Imagery Accelerator looks at the challenges of presenting meaningful immersive sound experiences to audiences and explores how this technology impacts upon the user experience and upon the audience’s relationship to the source content.

A consortium that includes MagicBeans, Audible, the BBC, ORF and Kings College London have explored how high-quality immersive sound can impact the user experience and how content is transformed through presenting sound in a manner more closely related to our everyday natural hearing experience.

MagicBeans have created Roundhead to answer the needs of a new generation of audio content that will be mapped to real world environments and presented as virtual experiences in real locations. For more information about our work and the Roundhead system please get in touch via info@magicbeans.xyz